Eugene’s SeQuential: Green gas station transforms bad land

Jodie and I sometimes fuel up at the SeQuential Biofuels on McVay Highway, out near LCC. We’ve been impressed with everything about the place, from the solar power and green roof, to the nutritional snacks and knowledgeable staff. I had no idea, however, how SeQuential made their land green from underground up. A previous owner/tenant had caused a lot of environmental damage on the land, and the R-G has done an interesting story on how polluted that land was, and how much clean-up has been done:

Link: Polluted to squeaky green: An environmental clean up story: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore..

"The patch of dirt under SeQuential Biofuels on McVay Highway is rapidly becoming the most famous half-acre in all of Lane County…. Over the past four years, the site has been the scene of a night-to-day, muck-to-magificent, rags-to-riches conversion — a turnabout in which the filth was literally scoured by the light."

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