Projects and blogs – Focusing by diversifying

It’s been an interesting past few months behind the scenes at Antsaint. In addition to launching my new Ural blog, Ride Three, there are some other projects going on. I’m working on my own profile/resume site, for one. Jodie and I are also working on a project together. They’re in early stages and not ready for primetime, but it’s exciting to be diversifying.

And that’s what I’m noticing. Working on some new projects, trying out some new ideas, planning and discussing and coding, has been working wonders for other things I want to work on overall, and for this site. I wouldn’t have thought that tacking on some new projects would be such a help in focusing, but it is.

I’ve no idea yet where things are going on each of the sites, but that’s part of the fun of the ride, really.

The hardest part is keeping a good balance. Ride Three has definitely been taking more time lately (that and there’s a server issue we’ve been working on), but I’ve been all right with that. Antsaint always had a pretty healthy amount of posts, and a few weeks where things are slim is all right. As time goes on, though, I can see focus for Antsaint content improving, and hopefully there’ll be some more details and visible changes on that soon.

2 thoughts on “Projects and blogs – Focusing by diversifying”

  1. Hey, Anthony. Ride Three is goregous! Congratulations. 🙂 Sweet.
    Ah, projects. You are so much more productive than I am! I started a few months ago, but I’m not nearly as good as you are at posting consistently.

  2. Thanks Angela, but the credit for the theme is all the folks at SkinPress:
    Wordpress |
    The theme I’m using is their “3Grey wordpress theme:
    I’ve kind of broken the header though, with the large picture in it, but I’m eventually going to put up a new header that makes better use of the space.
    It’s definitely not easy to work on multiple projects though. There are some that are not getting the tlc I’d like to give them – trying to sort that out though.


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