Top 10 Firefox 3 Features

Bring on Firefox 3! FF has been getting some major overhauling done, from the sound of things, and I’m stoked to see what the final version is like. Lifehacker has done a great comprehensive breakdown of what’s coming up, and what’s been worked on (less memory hogging, anyone?) for the new release: Link: Lifehacker Top … Read more

Sasquatch Brew Fest in Downtown Eugene, June 7

For some reason, I’ve never made it to the Sasquatch Brew Fest. But this year, I do believe, that has to change. Just think of it — downtown on a June day (which here, well, might or might not be nice, you never know), and nothing to do but hang and sample some fine Oregon … Read more

Pondering the Future of the Antsaint Blog

Where is this site going? What do I want to write about? What do my 8 readers want to hear about? Questions like these have been on my mind for a while. Antsaint is, and was conceived as, a highly miscellaneous blog. That’s in total contrast to Ride Three, which is very niche, very focused. … Read more

Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Gallon of Margaritas

This has been out there for a while, but I’m only recently finding this very nice, very simple margarita recipe from renowned Eugene mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler. I’ve been telling Jodie I’d like to have some good margarita fixins on-hand for our summer grilling, parties, get-togethers and such, and given that this is also in quantity, … Read more

How to Make Accurate Time Estimates

When it comes to estimating projects, I am always far too optimistic. Too trusting of efficient skills and fact-finding, and always a little too forgetful of inevitable hiccups, problems, and stuff that comes up along the way. Reading Steve Pavlina’s post was quite the eye-opener. The solution is so simple, really — just figure out … Read more

New Pasta Revello Italian Restaurant in Whiteaker

Ah, pasta that’s only a few minutes drives or bike ride from our front door. Oh, yeah. We’ve not gotten down to the Pasta Revello yet — but it won’t be long, especially after reading this article: Link: Restaurant features casual Italian: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore.. Now Red Barn owners Dan and Amanda Beilock have … Read more

Grilled Broccoli Recipe

This past Sunday night, with perfect clear skies and warm temperatures outside, and Jodie and I done after a day of gardening and some indoor project planning, it was time to grill. In addition to some steaks, red onions and thin-sliced fingerling potatoes, we also grilled up a large broccoli head from our Good Food … Read more

35 Source Code Editors

As a long-time fan of HomeSite (though on the Mac I currently dabble in Smultron), to me there’s nothing better than source code-focused HTML and CSS editors. There’s plenty more out there though, and the smashing folks at Smashing Magazine have put together a comprehensive list of some of the best: Link: 35 Useful Source … Read more

Favorite Online Marketing Quotes

Online marketing, like any other field, churns out its share of aphorisms and quips. This is a great collection of things that will bring out a big grin on inner online marketing geek (thanks JP for sending it along!): Link: Favorite Online Marketing Quotes. My favorite: “Being #1 on MSN is like being Valedictorian of … Read more

Jeffrey Morgenthaler, 21st Century Cocktail Crusader

My first encounter with the legendary Jeffrey Morgenthaler was at Eugene’s now-defunct Bamboo (where El Vaquero is now, at 5th Street Market). My friend Lindsay and I would occasionally nip down there for a cocktail, sushi and some conversation. While I’m more of a beer and wine person, Jodie and I have definitely been getting … Read more