Month: May 2008

How to Build an Online Community

The folks at Flickr have a pretty sweet community going on, and the driving force behind it is a corporate ethos that knows to leave well enough alone. This hands-off approach is very interesting to me, in laying only the most basic ground rules and expectations, and letting everything else develop from there. Link: A … Read More

The Most Annoying Google AdSense Unit

Also interesting is how the "most annoying AdSense unit" performs, however. Obviously, Antsaint doesn’t have much advertising on it, and Ride Three doesn’t either. For now I like it that way, but it’s good to see studies like this to help find and maintain that balance between ad money and reader happiness: Link: The Most … Read More

Kill A Watt gauges available at Eugene library

Jodie and I try to be pretty conscientious of our power usage. We subscribe 100% to Greenpower program from our local utility, EWEB, for example, powering our house with wind and solar. We’re good about unplugging or power-stripping "energy vampires" to cut down on wasted power, and therefore wasted money. And now, if we want … Read More

Want to order tea? J-Tea’s Josh Chamberlain is in Taiwan

Got a note from Eugene’s Josh Chamberlain of J-Tea, over on 2778 Friendly Street. He’s currently in Taiwan: "It is spring harvest time, so that means I am in Taiwan. If you want to follow along as I trek through the mountains you can check my blog. The address is and I will be … Read More

Portable/Backup Hard Drive Recommendations

Jodie and I are looking into getting an external drive for our home network — something we can put images and music on, that sort of thing, and free up hard drive space on our computers. Here are some recommendations and advice: Link: Portable Hard Drive Recs | Ask Metafilter. "I would like to get … Read More

Ask The Readers: Do You Handwrite HTML?

I hand-write HTML and CSS, but I’ll concede that WYSIWYG editors have come a long way. However, I’ll always maintain that you’ve got to know how to write CSS and HTML by hand, or at least understand what all the tags and properties mean, should you have to "look under the hood". Looks like a … Read More

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