Pondering the Future of the Antsaint Blog

Where is this site going? What do I want to write about? What do my 8 readers want to hear about?

Questions like these have been on my mind for a while. Antsaint is, and was conceived as, a highly miscellaneous blog. That’s in total contrast to Ride Three, which is very niche, very focused. And I’ve always enjoyed this difference. On Ride Three, I get to yammer on about my Ural sidecar motorcycle, and post all sorts of links and photos and what-not about Urals and what it’s like to own and ride a sidecar rig.

But Antsaint? Very different kettle of fish — and each fish in the kettle is a different kind of fish. Antsaint’s been going for about, oh, 4 or 5 years now, and more and more I think it’s time to look at narrowing down the focus.

For starters, I think that would help me do better, more original posts. I enjoy linking to things I read, and from what I hear tell some of my 8 readers even find that stuff interesting too. But doing some more creative things, some more original things — that’s been gnawing at me.

Maybe just writing, food and drink, and Eugene. That’d be a narrow down. Gads, maybe I’d even finally get a real header. Hmmm…

15 thoughts on “Pondering the Future of the Antsaint Blog”

  1. I like the Eugene-centric stuff because I like hearing your take on living here. It was how I ended up here several times long before I ever met you guys.

  2. I bet you have more readers than you think! My boyfriend and I easily make #’s 9 & 10. We’ve been getting ready to move to Eugene for months and keep your site bookmarked to keep us up to date and life and things in our soon to be home. Thanks!

  3. Well, for what it’s worth, the K@ and I get tons of mileage out of your food and drink posts. I also really enjoy your tech updates, you often turn me on to some feature or app that I didn’t know about but once I load it I am unsure how I ever lived without.
    I think we all feel a little stagnation after years and years of blogging, and changing up the content is a good way to revitalize your own outlook toward your blog. I’ll keep reading, regardless of what you write about.

  4. You guys rock, thank you for the great feedback (and for pushing the reader count into double digits 🙂
    It’s validating too – food and drink, Eugene stuff, and maybe more creative writing, like when I was doing Nano and the Onewords, would make for a better-focused blog. They could be the core content, but of course with other posts coming in depending on m’ fancy.
    Bonnie – never knew you’d hit the blog before meeting us, that’s awesome! It was great to see you and Derek the other night.
    Maryann – drop me an email if you have questions about moving here, I’ll be happy to give you a hand. Where are you moving from?
    Jean – thanks for the link, I was just cruising through the homepage, and seeing some things about our wee city I didn’t know about. That’s cool about your son – I get things like that a lot, actually. A few weeks back, Jodie and I were in the 5th Street Beanery, and 2 guys we were chatting with told Jodie I was a “poor man’s Tom Cruise”!
    Logan – you and K@ rock. Gads, it’s been so freakin long since we got to hang. Too long. Thank you for the encouragement – I definitely have that “it’s time for this site to evolve” feeling.

  5. Hello, another reader here! I came across your blog a few years ago while checking out Eugene and searching for information about its cafes, etc. Now that my husband and I live here (3 years now), we have you to thank for our long, beloved affair with Perugino! (And that’s just one appreciated introduction…)
    Anyhow, we always love to see food, drink, and Eugene posts! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  6. Hey Mate,
    I read your stuff and catch up with what is going on in your world. Always good stuff. Hope you, Jodie, and Svetlana are well old pal.

  7. Hi Ant,
    These are very complimentary posts – not that I expected any other! You should get commission from the various restaurants/cafes/festivals, etc you review – or just a free coffee/concert ticket every now & then… seeing as your posts are bringing in additional custom!
    My blog is dead now – too many other things going on – some cyber, some reality… so I admire that you actually manage to not simply maintain it, but keep it interesting/informative!
    I always enjoy checking in on you and Jodie and Ella (and Svetlana – thanks Sean! And hello, btw!), etc…
    And funny, I’ve noticed the Tom Cruise thing – not sure if I’ve ever mentioned. Prob best compared when he was credible (and with our beautiful Nic!), not the crazy fruitcake he is now 😉
    See you both soon!

  8. ps. One blog you do need to start is your trip-to-Aus blog… You and Jodie surely must be wanting to post some stuff… out of the sheer EXCITEMENT alone… or is it just me 😉

  9. Sean – thanks man. Been a long time indeed. I hope all’s well up PDX way.
    Ging – *Another* blog? What, 2 aren’t enough for me? Oy, oy oy. If we wind up renting a Ural in Australia, then maybe Ride Three will get some posting action out of it, but otherwise, I don’t know about that! But you never know…
    Depending on how I do redo Antsaint though, there could be some monetization focus worked in. It was never a big focus in the original concept. We shall see…

  10. I’m late to the party on this – but I’ve always enjoyed the tech, the travel, the food, the remodel, and even the northwest events postings.


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