Month: June 2008

Oregon Bach Festival Opens to Adoring Portland Crowd

Ah, the Oregon Bach Festival. Some of my fondest Eugene memories go back to this annual event. The OBF kicked off this past weekend, right along with the Olympic Trials. Instead of the usual first night in Eugene, the OBF opened in Portland, but is now going full-steam in Eugene. In fact, I have to … Read More

Required reading for visitors to Eugene

Whether you’re visiting Eugene for the Olympic Trials, the Oregon Bach Festival or just for the heck of it, you may need a bit of help comprehending Eugene and Oregon and its many-varied folks. Here’s a reading list that can help: Link: Visiting for the Trials? Here’s ‘must’ reading: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore.. "You’re an … Read More

Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3

Upgrading to Firefox 3 has been working out great so far. I do look forward to extensions such as AutoCopy updating soon, but otherwise I’m very pleased with the browser’s improvements. I’ve also been learning more about getting the most of Firefox 3, with this handy "Power User’s Guide": Link: Firefox 3: Power User’s Guide … Read More

Field Guide to Firefox 3

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 17) is launch day for the new Firefox 3. Excited? You know, I am, and I don’t usually get too excited over software. But with so many improvements coming to the new Firefox, from using less memory to more robust bookmarking, I cannot wait to see how my favorite browser’s new version … Read More

Copywriters Developing a Positive Sales and Marketing Mindset… It Can Be Done

It’s not always easy to be creative and to think of sales marketing in a positive light. But it can be done: Link: CatalystBlogger: Developing a Sales and Marketing Mindset. I think the problem was that for a long time, "sales" was kind of a dirty word to me. It made me think of overbearing … Read More

Riverbank Trail Signs Make It Easy to Find Your Way

As a long-time enjoyer of Eugene’s bike paths, I’d taken it for granted that not everyone knows their way around Eugene’s path systems. Luckily, the City of Eugene and some community members called Riverloop Connection realized that our beloved Riverbank Path System needed some signs. Now the signs are up, providing directions and distances for … Read More

Belgian & English Beer Tasting at Broadway Deli

Belgian beer? English beer? And cheese? Oh yeah. Check it out a free tasting this evening, at the Broadway Deli on Broadway and Charnelton, downtown Eugene: Link: ENTREE NOTES: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore.. "Friday: The Broadway — 200 W. Broadway. 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. “First Friday” beer and wine tasting features Belgian and English … Read More

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