Field Guide to Firefox 3

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 17) is launch day for the new Firefox 3. Excited? You know, I am, and I don’t usually get too excited over software. But with so many improvements coming to the new Firefox, from using less memory to more robust bookmarking, I cannot wait to see how my favorite browser’s new version performs. To help prepare for the launch, there’s a very detailed and image-rich Field Guide to the new ‘Fox:

Link: � Blog Archive � Field Guide to Firefox 3.

"We’re done. Firefox 3 is going to be launched very soon. In anticipation of this long-awaited event, the folks in the Mozilla community have been writing extensively about the new and improved features you’ll see in the browser. The new features cover the full range from huge and game-changing to ones so subtle you may not notice them until you realize that using Firefox is just somehow easier and better. The range of improved features is similar — whole back-end systems have been rebuilt from scratch, while other features have been tweaked slightly or redesigned in small ways. Overall the result is the fastest, safest, slimmest, and easiest to use version of Firefox yet."

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