Month: June 2008

A Book Club for the Guys

This article really got my attention. Book clubs and what-not can be guy territory, no doubt – but the support of these chaps for one another has made it not just a gathering of common interest, but a group of friends. Link: Ten men rally around more than just books: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore.. As … Read More

New Pub Coming to 19th & Jefferson

There’s no such thing as too many good pubs, after all: Link: Brothers’ pub plans build on past success: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore.. The brothers already jointly run McCallum’s Custom Catering, along with Mac’s at the Vets Club — a restaurant and nightclub at the Veterans Memorial Building in Eugene. Now they’re launching a neighborhood … Read More

Making Your Own Pizza and Pizza Dough

Jodie and I love whipping up some pizza and really tricking it out (walnuts, apples and gouda, anyone?). So far we’ve just been using some pre-made dough from our area Winco (cheap!), but after reading this article, it’s about time we tried making our own pizza dough too: Link: Any way you slice it: The … Read More

Email Marketing Blogs

These 14 blogs are at the least must-check-outs, but you’ll find many are must-subscribes. These have been very handy of late, when keeping up with the email marketing industry, as well as exploring new ideas for marketing messages and campaigns: Link: Larry Chase’s Search Engine for Marketers – Best Email Marketing Blogs Resource Center.

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