River Road/Santa Clara Library

Jodie and I love living in the River Road area, and recently became acquainted with its wee library. Located behind the Goodwill store at River Road and Hilliard, the library is a laidback facility with $10 membership (donation), a good selection and Intenet access. Link: PLACE TO CHECK OUT: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore.. "Open three … Read more

Silver Falls State Park

We’ve yet to make it to Silver Falls State Park, but every time I glance over it in the atlas, it grabs my attention. And after reading this article in the R-G, I’m thinking we need to bust out the Ural and sidecar it up there for some camping and hiking… Link: FALLING FOR WATER: … Read more

Why Search Marketers Can Safely Ignore Cuil

The Search Engine Guide Blog has a great breakdown on why Why Search Marketers Can Safely Ignore Cuil.The new search engine launched earlier in the week, but it doesn’t exactly see to be making waves. I agree with the first point here – when you have to explain how to pronounce (and spell) your name, … Read more

The Lifehacker Editors’ Favorite Software and Hardware

Pondering software? Wondering what to try, or what the pros use? The editors at Lifehacker have put together lists of what they use: Link: What We Use: The Lifehacker Editors’ Favorite Software and Hardware. We polled our own editors for the computer hardware and applications they swear by and we’re breaking it down for you … Read more

Traveling Oregon on One Tank of Gas

The idea: to take an amazing trip… on a tank of gas. And you know what? Oregon makes that so easy, it’s like we’re cheating. Jodie and I just had such a trip. We drove down about 50 miles east of Roseburg, on Highway 138, to spend a weekend camping and rafting the North Umpqua … Read more

Grocery Outlet Moving to Old River Road Safeway Site

Some months back, the Safeway on River Road closed its doors. Jodie and I have speculated a while on what would go there — and lo and behold, a few weeks ago, we saw signs of work going on inside. Turns out that the Grocery Outlet store, currently a little farther north on River Road, … Read more

Grilled Pizza

Now we’re talking. Want to change things up on the grill? Then grill up some fresh, homemade pizza: Link: If you can’t stand the heat—grill pizza. | King Arthur Flour – Bakers\’ Banter. Hotdogs, hamburgers, chops, chicken, steak, fish… pizza? Believe it or not, pizza is one of the easier, quicker supper dishes you can … Read more

Video Poll Results for Email Marketing

Polls like this are good because they remind email marketers what not to do. Want to put a form in your email? Go for it… just don’t expect it to work. Same with video. And that really cool javascript thing you got coded up. Don’t put that stuff in email, it just doesn’t work consistently. … Read more

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