Traveling Oregon on One Tank of Gas

The idea: to take an amazing trip… on a tank of gas.

And you know what? Oregon makes that so easy, it’s like we’re cheating. Jodie and I just had such a trip. We drove down about 50 miles east of Roseburg, on Highway 138, to spend a weekend camping and rafting the North Umpqua River with friends. And it took well under a tank of gas.

Link: One-tank WONDERS: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore..

"With gasoline prices for the family car topping well over $4 per gallon and the cost of airline tickets heading up, up and away for the same reason, vacationers everywhere reportedly are curtailing their summer travels this year. Fortunately, we live in an area where there’s plenty to see and much to do on less than a tank of gas, if you just put your mind and your imagination to work"

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