Why Search Marketers Can Safely Ignore Cuil

The Search Engine Guide Blog has a great breakdown on why Why Search Marketers Can Safely Ignore Cuil.The new search engine launched earlier in the week, but it doesn’t exactly see to be making waves. I agree with the first point here – when you have to explain how to pronounce (and spell) your name, this can be trouble…

"Let’s start with the name. It’s Cuil (pronounced "cool"). I have to tell you that anytime you start with a name that people have to explain how to pronounce, you’re already in trouble. Look, search marketing depends on people being able to remember and spell your name. Any company that breaks that ruil is unlikely to be the search tuil that wins the Google duil"

Now, could we all be wrong? We could. Cuil could be huge. Maybe it’s the right mix of David vs. Goliath, heavy-hitting search engine, and enough Web 2.0-ness to gain significant marketshare. But a "Google killer"? Nah. Anything billed as a "- killer" – "iPhone killer" and "iPod killer" are good example – generally indicates the product will lag and never truly catch on.

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  1. Yeah, I was seeing similar comments on a lot of the blogs I follow. People would search for pretty specific things, and the results would be off, particularly if images were involved.
    Did see a note from Cuil’s site recently that they had made some improvements on their index, but still – I wonder how they’ll swing back from the issues they had at launch.


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