Elliot Martínez’s Boozeweek Zine

Fascinating article about a new ‘zine in town. Boozeweek profiles the best of liquor and cocktails in Eugene. That’s right, the best. The word "gourmet" would not be lost here. Also intriguing is the way Boozeweek publisher Elliot Martínez has opted for the ‘zine format. Print. Not online. And has been gaining quite a following: … Read more

Grocery Outlet Opens New River Road Location on Aug. 23

Jodie made a raid on the current River Road Grocery Outlet last week, and made a killing on wine and some very nice brie. With the larger, done-up store about to open, we’re excited to see what it’s going to be like: Link: Grocery Outlet will open in new location next week: The Register-Guard, Eugene, … Read more

Did You Email Antsaint? Please Send It Again

New Email Address Too Have you tried to send me an email within the past 2 weeks? Wondering why you haven’t heard back from me? The answer: My email provider has been having some issues the past couple of weeks. If you’ve emailed me since August 5, please drop me another line. And please accept … Read more

New Road Safety Programs Rolls Out

From Portland to Eugene, there’s a new road safety program, whose intent is to help pedestrians, vehicle drivers and cyclists share the road better and more courteously. Here’s to seeing what happens. As for me, I’ll be happy if at the least more cyclists start using lights at night and stop riding the wrong way … Read more

Top Ten Web Typography Sins

It’s easy to forget that even with web writing, there are things to do, and things not to do. Here are some good reminders: Link: Top Ten Web Typography Sins | Events | Smashing Magazine. While many designers have been quick to embrace web standards, it’s surprising how often the basic standards of typography are … Read more

Jo Federigo’s and Jon Fiori – A Friday Night in Eugene

Glad as I am for Eugene’s indoor smoking ban, I suddenly wanted a cigarette, plucked out of a snap-shut silver case. I settled for a pint of Ninkasi Schwag instead, with a Raspberry Truffle cocktail for Jodie, and let some Friday night jazz wash over us. We had come downtown to Eugene’s Jo Federigo’s to … Read more

Bicycles and Cars – Tension in Eugene

I commute by bicycle 5 days a week, and I have for years. If there’s anything in this town that annoys me endlessly, it’s cyclists who act like complete arses. Going the wrong way down a street or bike lane. No lights at night. Cutting off traffic. Can you imagine the outrage if the same … Read more

Pomegranates Mediterranean Closes… and Opens

Have you ever been down to Pomegranates Mediterranean, the wee grocery near the Southtowne Shoppes at 28th & Oak? If you haven’t, you’d better hurry – the grocery will be closing down around the end of August. That’s not the last hurrah for Pomegranates, however. The business will be kept going as a venture involving … Read more