What Good Copywriters Do to Optimize Their Words

Each word should do new work. That maxim is no secret — but how to put it into practice? Here are some tips: Link: What Good Copywriters Do to Optimize Their Words : The Messaging Times. Copywriting is a skill that must be practiced. When writing in competition for an audience, it simply isn’t enough … Read more

Slow Food Arabian Nights Dinner – Sunday, Sep. 28

Forget fast food. You want good eating – so you want slow food. And when it comes to slow food, it doesn’t get better than what we can grow right here in Oregon. Slow Foods Eugene promotes good eating of quality food, especially food produced close to home, and on Sunday, Sept. 28, you can … Read more

Fall Harvest

Sunday, Sept. 21 began autumn here at home. The weather took notice too, with a cloudy sky and intermittent periods of rain and sunshine. We spent the day harvesting our garden, transitioning garden and kitchen from summer to autumn fare, and even bottling some beer. First off, we raided the garden. Last year we began … Read more

The Marketing Value of Blogs

What is the business and marketing value of a blog? Ralph Wilson and Amanda Wattlington have a great 5-minute video on The Marketing Value of Blogs, including what companies need to build in to their blogging strategy in order to have a successful business blog. Here are some of the points touched on: Customer brand … Read more

Email Twice a Day – Progress Report

Last week I mentioned I was working on cutting down on how often I look at my email. Note that’s not how often I reply to email, how often I deal with email, etc. – just how often I pull up my inbox and check. My initial goal is to cut that down from far … Read more

The Joy of Time Away

For about the past 2 and a half weeks, I’ve hardly touched a computer. No blogs, no reading, hardly any email. It’s been wonderful. But that was vacation, and this is home – so what now? Now I look for ways to keep going the freedom of thought I felt while away. Here are some … Read more