Email Twice a Day – Progress Report

Last week I mentioned I was working on cutting down on how often I look at my email. Note that’s not how often I reply to email, how often I deal with email, etc. – just how often I pull up my inbox and check. My initial goal is to cut that down from far too bloody often to no more than twice a day.

So far it’s going pretty well. I did relapse today, however, and checked email 3 times. I’m getting better at ignoring my notifier, however, which is a good step. I still prefer having the notifier there, as it helps me decide when I’m going to check email.

What is nice about deliberately cutting down how often I check email, is that it forces me to be more proactive when I do check email. When I get messages, I’m getting better at dealing with them on the spot, instead of letting them sit in my inbox and grow moldy.

Now to continue ignoring the inbox.

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