The Marketing Value of Blogs

What is the business and marketing value of a blog?

Ralph Wilson and Amanda Wattlington have a great 5-minute video on The Marketing Value of Blogs, including what companies need to build in to their blogging strategy in order to have a successful business blog. Here are some of the points touched on:

  • Customer brand interaction
  • Blogs not as a novelty, but as a viable marketing tool
  • Blogging as an ongoing use of time and resources
  • Strategy and planning needed for a successful blog
  • The danger of the blog being abandoned
  • The value of creating a clear editorial plan

Watch the Video: The Marketing Value of Blogs

3 thoughts on “The Marketing Value of Blogs”

  1. tell me some ways to save money. i make 3 dollars a hr pus tips and my husband is 15 dollars a hr. but his hrs are cut back so that means morgage is going to behind have any ideals, on how to keep ahead. thanks

  2. Where I come from girls are considered to know nothing about IT, but my girls and I started a blog and promoted it to receive some visits. It’s a start but we will not back down from this challenge.


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