Everyone Loves to Hate a Winner

I’m a long-time enjoyer of Chris Guillebeau’s insightful, joy-of-life posts at The Art of Noncomformity. While rereading a favorite post of his, I remembered conversations I’ve heard over the years, and thought of how much they mirrored what he was saying. Everyone loves someone who’s talented, creative – until they go and have the audacity … Read more

Curried Pumpkin Soup

I’ll skip all the cliched reasons why October is pumpkin weather, and will instead skip straight to the goods. We fancied a bit of a winter warmer bit of a Sunday back, and Jodie found some very tasty curried pumpkin soup recipes. We used this Curry Pumpkin Soup recipe from the Seattle Times, with a … Read more

Bridgeport Releases Raven Mad Imperial Porter

A gray overcast sky, the brights yellows and reds of trees – and black, black porter. Fall is truly upon the Northwest, and I do believe I’ll be searching out some Raven Mad Imperial Porter, the latest release from Portland’s Bridgeport: Link: Beer Northwest: Bridgeport releases RAVEN MAD. "BridgePort Brewing Company, Oregon’s oldest craft brewery, … Read more

I Never Thought I’d Write a Political Blog Post, But I Must

This is an odd, somewhat uncomfortable post for me to write, and I hope you’ll bear with me. I’m not a particularly political person, but with a country in crisis, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me just how starkly different our 2 choices are for the upcoming presidential election. That’s why I’m writing … Read more

Fresh Hops Beer Tasting at Ninkasi Brewery, Sat., Oct. 25

From 12-9 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 25, head to Ninkasi Brewery for a taste of up to 20 beers brewed using fresh hops: Link: Beer Northwest: Last Call for Fresh Hops!. "Saturday is your last chance to enjoy this year’s crop of Oregon fresh hop beers as the Eugene brewers and Oregon Brewers Guild present … Read more

Step-by-Step Guide to Budgeting Using ING Direct

Like Trent at The Simple Dollar, Jodie and I are big fans of ING Direct and the flexible banking it offers. In addition to being stable and customer-friendly, ING is one of the best tools you have for making the most of your money. We use ING to automate payments (spend less time and money … Read more

Nanowrimo Pre-Season Novel-Writing Training

So it turns out I’m writing a novel next month. At least, that’s what Jodie’s decreed — and a smart man knows when not to argue with a strong woman. As mentioned a while back (Possible Pre-Season Training for a Novel-in-a-Month?  October 02, 2008), I’m going to enter the National Novel Writing Month Competition (or … Read more

Email Twice a Day – Progress Report

It’s now been a few weeks since beginning to work on cutting down on email checking to twice a day. Here’s where things stand… The urge to check email is still there, but it has lessened considerably. Sometimes that yellow envelope icon beckons to me — but I resist. And am stronger for it. One … Read more

Changing Antsaint’s Posting Frequency

For a while now I’ve been looking at what I can do to provide a better blog. With both Antsaint and Ride Three to do up content for, it’s not always easy to put out consistent posts (much less, ahem, quality ones). Drawing on other bloggers, such as the Men with Pens and their post … Read more

We, The Savers – A Declaration of Financial Independence

This is one of the most important things I’ll ever post. Don’t like what’s happening in America’s financial markets? Don’t like what’s happening in your bank account? Do you want to do something about it? If so, here’s what you do: Declare Your Financial Independence We, The Savers, from ING Direct, is a 10-point list … Read more