Email Twice a Day – Progress Report

It’s now been a few weeks since beginning to work on cutting down on email checking to twice a day. Here’s where things stand…

  • The urge to check email is still there, but it has lessened considerably. Sometimes that yellow envelope icon beckons to me — but I resist. And am stronger for it.
  • One day I threw caution to the winds, and left email up. It was distracting, and won’t be done again.
  • The biggest trap I fall into is when there is something I’m waiting for an email about — so I check constantly. This is understandable, but counter-productive. It’s starting to change too though, and I’m getting better at letting that sense of urgency pass. It’s still just email, for heaven’s sake.
  • If someone emails me about, say, a blog post, I’m trying to be better about firing off just a quick reply when I receive the initial email. Just a "wanted to let you know I got your email and I’ll need some time to look into this" sort of thing. In addition to just being more courteous, since the sender knows their email hasn’t vanished into the digital void, I also feel I’m being more responsive and am actually getting email and blogging tasks done in a more timely fashion.
  • Labels rock. Google, whoever came up with labels for Gmail, I owe them a beverage. That’s a separate post.

Email progress is very much improving. I predict that by the end of October, I’ll have my urge to check email under control, will be responding to emails faster, and handing tasks better.

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2 thoughts on “Email Twice a Day – Progress Report”

  1. I think that’s your inner designer talking 🙂 I’ve been really happy with gmail so far, but the labels are definitely my favorite part. That’s made it so much easier to know what – if anything – I need to do with a message.


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