From Clearwire to Comcast

When Jodie and I got our house in 2006, we decided to try out Clearwire wireless internet. The service was a bit of a newcomer to Eugene at the time, and we were interested in seeing how they compared to cable and DSL. Two years on, and we have now switched back to Comcast cable internet — and have been much happier.

At the time, we liked the idea of broadband Internet access that was also portable. In other words, we could take our Clearwire modem and use it anywhere in the country Clearwire had service. After our 2-year contract was up, however, we decided that Clearwire was insufficient for our needs:

  • We never used the portability feature
  • Surfing was slow
  • Download speed was atrocious

To be fair, there was another tier of service above our that perhaps would have mitigated these problems. It was the same price, however, as Comcast’s cable internet service.

So we switched. Now, podcasts download in a heartbeat. Surfing is lightning quick. And, above all, we can stream The Daily Show again, as god meant us to be able to do.

Clearwire was a good experiment, but we won’t be switching back.

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