Original Solo Piano Music – Oct. 12 in Portland, Oct. 14 in Eugene

Over these next few days you can enjoy 2 performances of original piano music in Portland and Eugene. Louis Landon, a pianist from New York, plays Portland on Oct. 12, and on Oct. 14 he joins Eugene pianists Neil Patton and Rebecca Oswald for another night of original music. All three pianists are Whisperings Artists, … Read more

From Clearwire to Comcast

When Jodie and I got our house in 2006, we decided to try out Clearwire wireless internet. The service was a bit of a newcomer to Eugene at the time, and we were interested in seeing how they compared to cable and DSL. Two years on, and we have now switched back to Comcast cable … Read more

Oct. 14 Eugene Smart-ups Pub Talk for Eugene Start-ups

Wouldn’t it be great if you not only had a great idea for a business, but you also had a group of like-minded folks (and even potential investors) you could present your idea to? Now you can. Smart-ups is a new entrepreneurial support group for start-ups in the Willamette Valley. A local chapter of Portland-based … Read more

Bad Economy is not a Great Depression

Some things don’t change. Markets go up, markets go down — and people panic. There’s so much doom and gloom in the headlines (check that, just more doom and gloom than usual), that this particular post really got me. "Great Depression" and "Greater Depression" are phrases that have been bandied around a lot lately, but … Read more

Possible Pre-Season Training for a Novel-in-a-Month?

I’ll say little right now, but I will say that my coach… ahem, partner, Jodie has decided that I’m going to participate in November’s National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as Nanowrimo. Jodie and I each participated in Nanowrimo in 2005 (and both finished our novels), but I’ve been pretty fallow on that front for … Read more

Email Twice a Day – Progress Report

Cutting down email… cutting down email… the work, and the progress, continues. Last week I noted some relapses into checking email too many times a day. This past week was much better, and I only checked email twice a day, except for one day where I checked it 3 times. The restraint still takes some … Read more

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