Step-by-Step Guide to Budgeting Using ING Direct

Like Trent at The Simple Dollar, Jodie and I are big fans of ING Direct and the flexible banking it offers. In addition to being stable and customer-friendly, ING is one of the best tools you have for making the most of your money. We use ING to automate payments (spend less time and money on… money), budget for future expenses (such as a trip, a new appliance or a wedding), and to help us better understand where our money is, how it’s growing and what we want and need our purchasing dollars for.

Does it sound like any of that might help make your financial life easier? If you aren’t an ING customer, Trent has a step-by-step, screenshot-rich tutorial on setting up an ING bank account, and then really leveraging their online account area to help you with budgeting, saving, and even spending.

Link: The Simple Dollar – How to Budget Using ING Direct (Or Another Full-Service Online Bank).

As regular readers know, I’m a very happy user of ING Direct. They provide my checking services, my savings services, and all of my online bill pay services. They even allow me to set up sub-accounts so that I can save for specific goals. In my opinion, ING Direct is the best of the full-service online banks, and I’m a happy customer of theirs. Because they offer all of these useful tools, over time, I’ve begun to use ING Direct as my primary budgeting tool.

Via How To: Set Up a Complete Budget with Your Online Bank

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