What Do Macs Do Well?

I use both Mac and PC, though I will say that I will not ever buy a new PC again. From here on out, I will buy only Macs. I prefer them, and have found many usability features that I find smarter or simpler than PCs. To put it simply, I dig PCs, but I dig Macs far more. So does Juul Coolen, who does a great job explaining the 10 things Mac truly does better than PC, and why you just might want to take another look at a switch to Mac:

Link: Top 10 Usability Highs Of Mac OS | Events | Smashing Magazine.

"Although I’ve been a Windows power user for years, the transition to Mac couldn’t have been easier and more pleasant. I don’t want to turn this article into some endless rambling about how great Mac is, but as the user of both systems I can speak from my own experience quite objectively. Let’s take a look at some of the spots where Apple really has done it better in terms of user interface and usability."

2 thoughts on “What Do Macs Do Well?”

  1. I recently bought a Mac, and I must admit – I will never buy a PC as a home computer again. Macs simplify things so much. I even bought my wife a MacBook, within a week of buying my first Mac.
    I work on a PC, and don’t think I could accomplish the same tasks on a Mac, however for home and personal use, I will continue to purchase and use Macs.

  2. In high school and early in college I was a ‘PC 4 Life’ guy. I received a Mac Book Pro (15″) for my 21st birthday and over the past 2 years I’ve come to love the Mac line. I have an iPhone and I’m saving up for a large purchase of a Mac Pro.
    I, too, dig macs.


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