2 Days After NanoWrimo

It's been a couple of days since I crossed the 50,000-word mark of Nanowrimo, and it's been a good time:

  • Took Monday night off, do some errands and cooking and catch up on life
  • Tuesday and today, I've written between 500-1000 words each day
  • Compiled a list of other content about the novel that I want to draft scenes for

It's been a relief finishing Nano, but also a little weird. The pressure of the deadline is off, and the new challenge is not some huge daily output, but consistently doing something, every day. I may take Thursday and Friday off writing, the better for me and Jodie to enjoy the holiday weekend, and during December I know that I intend not to touch the manuscript, though I may still continue to draft up scenes.

What happens next? It's hard to say, and I don't know. At some point I'll have written up all I think the novel needs for now. At that point, I'll put down the manuscript for a month or two, to get some mental distance from it, and then come back to it for the first editing and rewriting.

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