Day 19: 42063 of 50,000 – 2008 Nanowrimo

Today's Novel Writing Stats

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

  • Word Count: 2041
  • Total Written: 42063
  • Total Remaining: 7937
  • Avg. Words Per Day: 2214
  • Time (minutes): 50
  • Avg. Time (minutes): 61

Notes & Observations

This evening's ride on my sidecar motorcycle did not in any way influence tonight's nano output, I swear.


"She loved the world through the goggles, and rush of the wind over her, blocking out all sound but the twin roars of the wind and the engine. How the world changed, here, blurring by so fast, but yet all so slow, so slow as if it were all riding with her, as if she was standing still in the middle of all of it. C— pressed in the clutch, kicked down her heel to shift up a gear, and released the clutch while snapping the throttle. She grinned at the feel forward, at the way the engine buzzed and hummed and was so powerful, so vibrant it was damn near alive. She could get used to this."

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