Day 21: 45892 of 50,000 – 2008 Nanowrimo

Today's Novel Writing Stats

Friday, November 21, 2008

  • Word Count: 1794
  • Total Written: 45892
  • Total Remaining: 4108
  • Avg. Words Per Day: 2185
  • Time (minutes): 50
  • Avg. Time (minutes): 61

Notes & Observations

A mellow night of writing, full of many short sections leading up to the main action of the novel. The sections were short and full of pace – lot of potential here.


"J— stood in the empty street, and hated feeling like a bad Western movie. He waited for the twanged notes of a guitar, for the tumbleweed to roll-bounce past, for the clod-step of a dusty boot to come into frame, in the middle of the street, opposite him.

But it was just him.

The sky darkened as clouds gathered. The sun was a memory; daylight and brightness were the stuff of fancy.

There was only J—, and the empty world.

Or so he thought."

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