Day 22: 47628 of 50,000 – 2008 Nanowrimo

Today's Novel Writing Stats

Saturday, November 22, 2008

  • Word Count: 1736
  • Total Written: 47628
  • Total Remaining: 2372
  • Avg. Words Per Day: 2165
  • Time (minutes): 45
  • Avg. Time (minutes): 60

Notes & Observations

Thought this evening would only be around 1100 words, but I hit a good grove and got more than the minimum. No other thoughts today – I've got beer to chill and, soon, guests to welcome. But the end is in sight!


"He took one last look at the woman, and for a moment his eyes teared up. I never really knew her, he thought, a mix of pity and anger and disappointment welling up in his. But now I know all I need to know.

He turned and walked towards the roof stairs. He had opened the door and set his foot on the first stair, when a bullet hit him in the shoulder, he heard the loud report of the pistol shot, and then the force of the impact knocked him forward, off his balance, and he fell down the stairs into darkness and pain."

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