First Day Writing a 50,000-word Novel by Nov. 30

It has begun.

This morning, I wrote the first 2,050 words of a 50,000-word novel — and I have until 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 30 to finish the manuscript. My 2008 Nanowrimo is underway.

No biggie, too. Well, a bit. It’s nerve-wracking, but the hardest part is getting myself out of the way, and just writing the bloody words down. My Nano pre-season training is definitely paying off though. With a cuppa coffee and some Dar Williams, I only barely begrudgingly got to work on my novel.

When I sat down at the keyboard this morning, I said to myself, "Anthony, it’s only another project. There’s no ritual, there’s no way it must be done, there’s just the work. There’s just getting it done. And you can do that. Now get to it."

And I did.

Each day, I’ll add a post that gives some of the stats from the day, and probably an excerpt. Probably. Don’t want to give too much away, after all.

It’s begun though, and I’m feeling good about the work. Feeling good to be doing the work, too.

Roll on, Nanowrimo.

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