Heat: The Invisible Ingredient in Every Kitchen

As the old saying goes, "If you have heat, you can cook." But it’s only if you understand heat that you can cook well, and the New York Times has an in-depth cook’s-eye-view article on heat and cooking:

Via: Cooking: Improve Your Cooking Chops with the Invisible Ingredient

Link: The Invisible Ingredient in Every Kitchen – New York Times.

"We waste huge amounts of gas or electricity, not to mention money and time, trying to get heat to do things it can’t do. Aiming to cook a roast or steak until it’s pink at the center, we routinely overcook the rest of it. Instead of a gentle simmer, we boil our stews and braises until they are tough and dry. Even if we do everything else right, we can undermine our best cooking if we let food cool on the way to the table — all because most of us don’t understand heat."

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