Oakshire Brewing Holiday Ale, Ill-Tempered Gnome, Coming Soon to a Tap Near You

Ill Tempered Gnome, the new holiday ale from Oakshire Brewing, is being released this weekend. From Eugene to Portland, look for it on draft soon at your favorite watering hole, along with other Oakshire brews including Oakshire Watershed IPA, Oakshire Amber, Oakshire Wheat and the stellar Overcast Espresso Stout (one of my favorite beers to get when out on the town).

In Eugene, you'll find Oakshire beers all over town. Here are a few new places who have added Oakshire beers to their line-up:

  • Pegasus Pizza now serving Oakshire Amber
  • David Minor Theater now serving Oakshire Wheat (and I can personally vouch that both the theater and the beer are awesome)
  • Luckey's now serving Oakshire Wheat
  • Max's Tavern adding Ill Tempered Gnome, should be on tap around Dec. 17 (ish)

Learn more about Oakshire Brewing at oakbrew.com

Learn everything you need to know about Oakshire Brewing by drinking their beer, on tap from Eugene to Portland.

2 thoughts on “Oakshire Brewing Holiday Ale, Ill-Tempered Gnome, Coming Soon to a Tap Near You”

  1. Conspicuous bearded dude with puppy and Ural spotted on page 2 of brewery website; coincidence, or local super-blogger moonlighting as a web designer in exchange for beer? Discuss.

  2. You got me 🙂 Jon Meyers did all the photos for Oakshire’s rebranding, and he asked me if he could do photos with Ella and the Ural. It was a lot of fun – we rode up to some empty lots, put Ella in the sidecar and he just had me ride all over the place. Not a bad afternoon, and anything that helps those guys sell more beer, is fine by me!


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