The Early Days of BootsnAll

Recently, Jodie and I traveled up to Portland for the 10th anniversary party of the BootsnAll Travel Network. I worked for BootsnAll during its early days, from 2000-2003. Back then, we were 4 guys with no money and 4 computers in a dining room. But at this party? It was amazing to see how far BootsnAll had come — and the 450 people at the party were certainly a good sign of how well the company is doing.

I was asked to prepare a wee speech for it, and the guys were kind enough to post it:

BootsnAll: The Early Days – Ant.

“As part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations last week, former BootsnAll employee and wordsmith extraordinaire from the Eugene days, Anthony St. Clair was in Portland and had penned a reflection on his time with BnA. He was due to read it to the large audience at the Wonder Ballroom, but given the ambient noise and mood of the crowd we decided it was best saved for the after-after party.
It was a more intimate setting, and in the end probably more appropriate. Ant kindly agreed to let us share his words with the interwebs”

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  1. That was heartfelt – nice write up. When you first described bootsnall – it sounded like an exotic adventure into the business world. Glad to hear of their success.


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