First Meeting of New Green Lane Business Community Jan. 15

What? Green Lane, Lane County's first business network for sustainability, is having its first event on January 15th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at Northwest Community Credit Union at 3660 Gateway Street, Springfield, Oregon.

  • Who's feeding us? Northwest Community Credit Union
  • Who's bringing the wine? Meriwether Wine
  • Who's bringing the beer? Oakshire Brewery
  • How much does it cost? $10 (this will be applied to your annual membership if you join)

Here's the scoop. Lane County is on a mission to assist in building a stronger economy, a happier planet, and a thriving community. Green Lane exists to support all three, through offering education, supporting community, and networking to the business community. Green Lane wants to make sure that your big or small business, your friend's business, your up-and-coming business, finds what you're looking for when it comes to sustainability and business.

Who is Green Lane? Green Lane is currently a volunteer group of professionals who are passionate about energy efficiency and renewables, community economic development, waste reduction and recycling, and the enhancement and development of Lane County's social equity (aka we're your neighbors and friends).

Membership Fees? Yes. Green Lane is currently self-funded and is looking for small fees from members to help Green Lane provide thorough and helpful resources to the business community. Fees are annual and range from $35 for an individual, $50 for a nonprofit, and $100 for a for-profit business.


  • Networking. Find other greenies who can help, and who can help you.
  • Education. Learn about greening your business and what's going on in the world of sustainability, locally and globally.
  • Community Building. Interested in putting your business and Eugene on the map for the greenest city? Not only will this support a stronger Eugene economy but it will support a stronger community as well.
  • Come join us, meet others who are new, passionate, and/or seasoned veterans of the sustainability movement at Northwest Community Credit Union.

Want to attend? RSVP Katie Wilson-Hamaker via email at katie at wilsonhamaker dot com, or call 541.337.3855.

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