Willamette Street Bar and Grill Opens at 5th & Willamette, Eugene

The new Willamette Street Bar and Grill sounds like an interesting mix of gourmet food, grown-up atmosphere and economy prices – sounds good to me:


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"Everything at Willamette Street Bar & Grill is made from scratch, she says, adding that her customers have enjoyed the restaurant’s adult — rather than raucous — atmosphere"

4 thoughts on “Willamette Street Bar and Grill Opens at 5th & Willamette, Eugene”

  1. Friday nite 16 oz prime rib special. The price is good, but the prime rib was very fatty. Mashed potatoes were good but the baked potato was tough and waaaay over done. The seafood cakes appetizer was very good, and the dipping sauce very good. Mixed drinks and micro brews were good. The Galliano-rum cake and the chocolate cake were both dry and not much flavor in either. The trio seated next to me and my wife had prime rib,chicken and pork entrees. They commented that the only decent meal was the pork loin. The band was fun.

  2. Tables are small. lighting is poor, with only a small candle for light. Cramped quarters,feeling of being in a firetrap. First and last visit for ourselves and the patrons seated next to us

  3. Me and friends went in for dinner last weekend and everything was great. The quarters were a little close but it made for meeting some really great people and it felt like we were in a nice New York restaurant. We will be returning this Saturday for more good food, good drinks, and good live music.


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