Working on the Novel

These past few days I've been re-establishing the work-on-my-novel groove that I tapped into during November's National Novel Writing Month. Here are the steps I've been taking:

  • Taking some time each day — even as little as 10 minutes — to work on the novel. This could be as simple as jotting down some notes on scene ideas, but no matter, it's a little bit of time, each day.
  • Map out character interactions, feelings, tensions that could be explored and developed.
  • Outline the novel's action. What would the story be like if it were purely linear? Or linear but bouncing back and forth between different character interactions occurring at the same time? What would the story be like if the story jumps between past and present, progressing the main story but filling in back detail and history?
  • Keeping my confidence up. Writing a novel in 30 days (well, ok, it was a bit less for me) has been a huge confidence boost. I remember that achievement, while also looking ahead at all the work between now and the day that I know I have a finished draft, ready for publication.
  • Speaking of publication, I'm keeping that in mind, but not too much. This is a book I've always wanted to write, and I'm finally, actually writing it. I do want to see it published, but right now, what matters is the writing. And then the re-writing. And then some more re-writing. And then we'll see.

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