Month: February 2009

Printed Novel Rough Draft… Now What?

184 pages of rough draft manuscript, an inch-thick double-sided stack of 93 sheets of paper, sits binder-clipped and waiting on my desk. The novel itself is incomplete, with heaps of content still needing to be written, and heaps more editing to do on top of all the content both written and to-be-written. The manuscript, or … Read More

Eugene Twitter: Eugene Twitterers and Oregon Twitterers to Follow

Eugenians and Oregonians have plenty of folks to follow on Twitter. Here are just a few Twitterers from Portland, Eugene, and other parts of Oregon. Who else should be on this list? What Oregon Twitterers do you follow? Beer and Blog Eugene – Twitter / bbeugene Eugene Airport – Twitter / eugeneairport Eugene Magazine – … Read More

Tips for Buying Meat

Buying local, buying organic, buying more of one cut and less of another – there's lot of considerations when buying meat. Here are some tips that'll help (I'll be studying these before our next Long's Meat Market run): Confessions of a Butcher: Eating Steak on a Hamburger Budget – Get Rich Slowly Info on Meat … Read More

Evening Concert – Eugene Irish Cultural Festival (EICF) – Mar. 6

On March 6, the first day of the annual Eugene Irish Cultural Festival (EICF), you can enjoy an evening concert of Traditional Irish Music and Dance. When & Where: 8 p.m., Friday, March 6, Beall Concert Hall, University of Oregon The concert is offered in collaboration with the University of Oregon's School of Music & … Read More

Daytime Festival – Eugene Irish Cultural Festival – Mar. 6-7

In Collaboration with the University of Oregon's School of Music & Dance's World Music Series, the annual Eugene Irish Cultural Festival (EICF) returns to Sheldon High School on Mar. 6-7, 2009. Hours for both days of the daytime festival are 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The daytime festival is filled with educational and fun workshops/presentations … Read More

Businesses and Oregon Climate Change Legislation – Feb. 17 Meeting

The below is a release from GreenLane: This year presents a historic opportunity for Oregon businesses to participate in climate change policy. Governor Kulongoski has recommended a significant package of climate bills for the 2009 legislative session. The Bill's focus on energy efficiency, creating carbon markets, creating new funding and incentives for renewables such as … Read More

What Is the Ultimate Book for Bread Baking?

Looking at this Bread Baker’s Bookshelf on Breadtopia got me wondering:. If you could have (or recommend) only one book on baking bread, what would it be? Jodie and I have disparate resources for bread-baking, scattered throughout some links, loose sheets (such as a copy of Cooks' Illustrated No-Knead Bread 2.0 recipe), and cookbooks (Cooking … Read More

New Adam’s Place Sustainable Table Menu

Adam's Sustainable Table – Eugene's Adam's Place Restaurant has been making a lot of changes lately, including a more "sustainable table" menu that offers lower-price, locally-sourced fare. Some of the dishes that have caught my eye and rumbled my tummy include the Spicy Goat and Potato Stew on Rice with Flatbread ($13) and the … Read More

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