What Is the Ultimate Book for Bread Baking?

Looking at this Bread Baker’s Bookshelf on Breadtopia got me wondering:.

If you could have (or recommend) only one book on baking bread, what would it be?

Jodie and I have disparate resources for bread-baking, scattered throughout some links, loose sheets (such as a copy of Cooks' Illustrated No-Knead Bread 2.0 recipe), and cookbooks (Cooking Light 2004 and 2006, How to Cook Everything). As handy as these are, I'm thinking it's about time we added a book solely about bread-baking.

5 thoughts on “What Is the Ultimate Book for Bread Baking?”

  1. My current favorite is “The Art and Soul of Baking”. I got it for Christmas and so far – excellent biscuits and excellent bread. The kind of crumb we were looking for and everything! It has the wonderful fresh, home made bread flavor with a texture that slices well, toasts to perfection, and hangs together for sandwhichs. And it is a beautiful book.
    Anyway, I have used lots of different bread books, baking books, cook books, and bread recipes. This one I love.

  2. I recently bought Beard on Bread and am loving it. I am just about ready to buy Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and use it in my weekly bread baking project.

  3. Take one French food authority and author, one Italian food authority and author, give them a subject like bread and a publisher like Britain’s Dorling Kindersley, and the result can’t help but be one of the more engaging books on bread and bread baking. DK Publishing is of the seeing-is-believing school of cookbooks, and this philosophy works particularly well in their Ultimate Bread. The opening plates of the world of bread are enough in and of themselves to drive anyone–beginner or expert baker–right into the kitchen. The “Baking Essentials” section shows and explains the differences in various kinds of flour, wheat and nonwheat, as well as the basic ingredients (yeast, oil, eggs, salt–not a long list) and tools. The “Basic Techniques” section shows you exactly what dough should look like in the various stages of bread production. The photos are so thick with color you can almost touch and smell the dough.
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  4. The Garden Way Bread Book: A Baker’s Almanac Cookbook
    Without a doubt!
    This is a great book. A baker’s almanac.
    Breads for all seasons. 140 kitchen tested recipes. Breads, rolls, waffles, pancakes,
    doughnuts and more.
    Can’t fail instructions for the beginner.
    I’ve been loving it for almost 30 years!


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