New Adam’s Place Sustainable Table Menu

Adam's Sustainable Table –

Eugene's Adam's Place Restaurant has been making a lot of changes lately, including a more "sustainable table" menu that offers lower-price, locally-sourced fare.

Some of the dishes that have caught my eye and rumbled my tummy include the Spicy Goat and Potato Stew on Rice with Flatbread ($13) and the Northwest Forest Style Papardelle with Braised Lamb in a Red Wine and Wild Mushroom Sauce (Small, $10/Large, $15)

The Sustainable Table Menu will be changing over time as Adam and the restaurant staff try out different dishes and see which ones customers prefer.

Like many folks, Jodie and I have cut back on how often we go out to eat – but for grub like this, I think we'll soon head to Adam's Place and try out some of these new dishes.

Adam's Place is located at 30 East Broadway, Eugene, Oregon. For reservations and hours, call 541.344.6948.

4 thoughts on “New Adam’s Place Sustainable Table Menu”

  1. We visited Adams last night and were disappointed by their lack of organization and how they handled some price difference issues between menus (same glass of wine was $6 on one menu and $8 on the “updated” one). I’ll watch for your post when you go – I hope your experience is better than ours. I really like Adam’s support of local farmers and his willingness to reinvent the restaurant. Maybe they just had a bad night with us?
    I should mention that the food was good.

  2. We went to Adams for Valentine’s. I was excited Adam was going “sustainable”. I was disappointed to see it was more green wash than real sustainability on show. Until we realize that 10 oz. meat portions center of plate is not a sustainable way to eat…we are doomed. If restaurants who serve meat want to be sustainable, they need to help customers by providing items where meat is one ingredient in a mix…not the ingredient. We ate the 2 vegetarian dishes on the menu. One was great, one was terrible.

  3. I disagree. Jodie and I ate at Adam’s a few weeks back, and I was really pleased with the changes. Adam’s always been very supportive of local businesses, and while I’m sure there’s a marketing component of this shift, I like how front-and-center he’s made the local aspects of sourcing the food.
    As for the meat, if one is eating 10 oz. meat portions every day, I can see your point. However, many items on the menu did use meat as an ingredient, not as centerpiece (such as the incredibly good pasta with lamb and mushrooms that I enjoyed).
    And as to sustainable, at what point does life stop being about bean-counting every portion of food you eat, and just enjoying an excellent meal? No matter what you eat and where it comes from, I’m sure there’s someone who will be happy to point out to you how you’ve somehow taxed the planet by not being sustainable enough (the mere fact that you went out to eat at all is a likely starting place).
    For me, I see going out to eat as an occasional thing, usually for a special event, usually around something to celebrate. For me and Jodie, our Adam’s Place dinner was in part to celebrate the progress we’d made on transforming half of our backyard into garden space. We won’t be eating out (or eating the amazing prime rib Jodie had) everyday, but there’s a time to take steps to be more mindful of how you eat – and there’s a time to enjoy a damn good meal, meat and all.


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