A Beery Sunset Around Eugene

With some late sun on me, Sveta the green sidecar motorcycle and I made some beery rounds (buying, not drinking) around Eugene.

The Bier Stein and Oakshire Brewing
First off, the Bier Stein, where Oakshire Brewing (twitter.com/Oakshire) was having a tasting of their new, delicious and  approachable Hindsight ESB.

The Stein was packed, and I was impressed with the turnout. Oakshire's been getting some love and attention from the media and Twitter lately. It's good to see this extra attention and recognition for Oakshire, as the lads expand their operation (btw, if you haven't heard, Oakshire plans to bottle come summertime).

With the sun setting, I snagged a Leffe, Hoegaarden, Cinder Cone Red and Pilsner Urquell for the home stash, plus a box of empties for bottling our next batch of homebrew (a clone of Vermont's Magic Hat #9).

New Bottle Shop: Beer Nuts
From the Bier Stein, I swung Sveta down to Beer Nuts Bottle Shop, on 13th & Oak (right across from the Indigo District). Eugene's newest bottle shop sells until 10 p.m., and has been open for about 3 weeks as of this writing. It's good to see another bottle shop in the area though, and a dedicated bottle shop. I love the Bier Stein, but there's room enough in town for more go-to beer places. I also like that in Beer Nuts you can just easily swing by for a bottle or 10. Plus, like Bier Stein, all Beer Nuts beers are sold singly, so you can get whatever assortments you want.

Beer Nuts is starting small, and I think that's smart. There's still room on the shelves and in the coolers for plenty more bottles, and the current selection is mostly strong old faithfuls, from Deschutes Mirror Pond to Dos Equis, but with a few nice imports such as Belgium's Leffe too.

A few more for the home collection: Rogue Kells Irish-style Lager, dos Dos Equis, another Leffe… and the last Hoegaarden (one of my all-time favorite beers. If there's a Hoegaarden, I'm buying it).

And now I'm back home. The sun has set, and Sveta is in the garage, engine pinging as it cools. Our non-homebrew stash has been replenished — and you know what? I think it's time to crack me a Hoegaarden.

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