Grand Opening for New Cornucopia Tonight

Cornucopia's new location, in the space formerly occupied by Chantrelle's at 5th & Pearl, is having their grand opening tonight. The lads from Oakshire Brewing will also be there, pouring beers including their new ESB, brewed not with their house yeast, but with English yeast.

The wise Samuel Rutledge has made a great point about this: "I'll bet [Oakshire's] ESB and their Espresso Stout would make a killer black and tan".

I'll bet he's right, and we plan on finding out this evening.

1 thought on “Grand Opening for New Cornucopia Tonight”

  1. I love the burger at the old Cornucopia (I rank it #1 burger in Eugene), but I had one recently at the new Cornucopia and the quality of the meat was really inferior. TOTALLY different from the original despite our waiter telling us that the recipe is the same. I am so upset that I am going to email the owners once I get some time to write up my review.
    Times are hard, I know, but this is not the way to save money!


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