Month: May 2009

Meat: Confessions of a Butcher by John Smith

Ah, meat. So delicious. So versatile. And, oy, so expensive. If you don't know what to look for. John Smith ( has been there — but on the other side of the counter. He's been the smiling face chopping up chops and selling you cut after cut of often the priciest stuff. But "after 31 … Read More

How to Turn Beer Labels into New Beer

As a homebrewer, I often beg for request empty bottles from friends and local bars. While cleaning up and de-labeling a haul from the Bier Stein, an obvious idea hit me: Read the labels before scraping them off. You just might get ideas for beers you want to drink.From just one batch of bottles, this … Read More

New, Larger Pizza Research Institute Opening Soon

The new PRI, on Blair between 5th and 6th, opens soon! Business: Home | "Pizza eatery expands" | The Register-Guard. Pizza Research Institute — the non�traditional pizza restaurant with an equally nontraditional business plan — is moving from its longtime home in the Jefferson neighborhood to Whiteaker’s growing retail district. The move on May 1, … Read More

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