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Greetings beer lovers and Beer Northwest readers! I hope you enjoyed my article in Beer Northwest's summer edition about brewing a Marriage Beer, a beer for your wedding (and beyond). (If you didn't come here via the magazine, check it out. You can subscribe or find copies throughout the Northwest.)

Exclusive Marriage Beer Update! Since the time the article was written, we've brewed and bottled a second batch of our marriage beer. Monthly tastings are telling us the beer is like a hammer wrapped in velvet. With an alcohol content of approx. 9-10%, the beer should age well for anniversary tippling — but will be served at the wedding only as wee toasts!

About Author and Site — As for me, Anthony St. Clair, I'm a writer in the Pacific Northwest, soon to be married and trying to fit in a few camping trips in between knocking out various wedding tasks alongside my bride. Antsaint is an occasional blog about writing, food and drink, and the Pacific Northwest. Write me at anthony at antsaint dot com, or follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/antsaint.

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