Upcoming Irish Culture & Music Events in Eugene

Irish Language Class in Eugene

After studying the Irish language with Daltai this summer, Mary Grace Hickok would like to converse in the Irish language, but has no one in Eugene with whom to practice. She will only be a few of steps ahead of the beginner level, but is going to offer an Irish class starting in November on Wednesday nights from 6-7:15 p.m. at her home near Autzen Stadium.

This will be a fun class using various learning modalities. The time and weekday is not yet written in stone. There is no fee but there may sometimes be donations requested for materials. Anyone interested should contact Mary Grace to get more details and alerts: m_tiernen@yahoo.com or (541)746-6402.

Free Music Lectures & Demonstrations at UO Museum of Natural & Cultural History

An exhibit of 70 musical instruments from 30 different cultures is currently on display at the UO Museum of Natural & Cultural History (1680 E. 15th St.). The Museum is hosting a series of lecture-demonstrations and discussions in conjunction with the exhibit. These will be at 7 p.m. on four consecutive Tuesday evenings, starting Oct. 27th. Free admission!

  • Tuesday, October 27: Panel discussion and music demonstrations with Nick Sixkiller (Native American powwow drum); Mitsuki Dazai (Japanese koto); Eliot Grasso (Irish uilleann bagpipes); and Jennifer Kyker (Zimbabwean mbira)
  • Tuesday, November 3: Bagpipes in Ireland and the Balkans, with Mark Levy and Eliot Grasso
  • Tuesday, November 10: Women's Participation as Zimbabwean Mbira Players, with Jennifer Kyker
  • Tuesday, November 17: India: Looking Through a Musical Lens, with Sreevidhya Chandramouli, South Indian veena

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