The Year Winds Down

Anthony-jodie-wedding-kiss Life as a married man (hitched as of Sept. 12, 2009), has been off to an amazing and busy start. As 2009 winds down, here are some of the things I'm looking back on with pride and gratitude, and things I look forward to with hope and excitement for 2010.

2009 Look-back

  • Marrying Jodie (at last!)
  • Brewing lots of tasty beer
  • Improving my cooking skills and expanding into more baking
  • Working on my novel (still in progress)
  • Researching self-publishing
  • Reconnecting with old friends, colleagues and relatives
  • Meeting new cute babies (new nephew, Jonathan; Maeve, daughter of good friends, and a few more on the way — none of which are mine and Jodie's. Not yet.)

Looking Forward to 2010

  • Finishing my novel manuscript and working on publishing/marketing plan
  • Brewing more tasty beer
  • Expanding my professional horizons
  • Working on some around-the-house projects
  • Helping Jodie expand her music studio offerings
  • Revamping the Antsaint blog

Best wishes to you and yours as we head to the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. You are in my thoughts and heart, and here's to connecting more in 2010.

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