You’ll See


Ten years ago, I moved to Oregon. I'll be reflecting on that throughout 2010.

"I'm moving to Oregon," I said in 1998 to my friends and family in Virginia.

"Well, sometimes you have to get used to disappointment," some said. "You'll see."

I moved to Oregon in 2000 and have lived here ever since.

good that you're doing all this globetrotting now," I've heard so many
times over the years, between trips to Scotland, Ireland, India,
Thailand, China, Tibet and Nepal. "Once you get married and get a
house, well, that'll be it. You'll see."

In 2006, my soon-to-be
fiancee and I bought a house. In 2007 we got engaged, and joked about
our "pre-honeymoon" trips to New York and Australia in 2008.

We married in 2009, and are planning trips to Canada and Scotland.

sure, you're doing all that traveling, but wait till you have
kids. You just can't do that sort of thing with a family. You'll see."

my wife and I start a family, we'll be studying the atlas harder than
ever. We're thinking some time living abroad — New Zealand, perhaps —
would be a memorable, unique learning experience for our kids, and a
great time for us as a family.

We'll get there.

You'll see.

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