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Part of why I moved to this part of the Pacific Northwest is the temperate winter. Rain? That's fine — in exchange for breathing without my lungs freezing, I'll gladly wrap myself in fleece and breathable rainwear.

Besides, the rain makes things green, adding color to the drab days and reminding me that there is green here now, and there is more green to come.

The green is coming — fast.

Eugene-cherry-blossom2 During February, Eugene usually gets a couple of days of sunshine and warmth. I like to think it's a way to remind us that there's more to living here than rain, low gray clouds, and early darkness. This past week has brought such days. As I've been biking to and from work, signs of green to come, signs of spring, have been popping up more and more.

This past weekend was sunny and refreshing. Trees are in bloom; my wife is plotting out seeds for the garden. The days are longer.

Western Oregon is waking up.

I can't deny the way it makes me smile, and even the way it makes my eyes a little misty. Ten years later and I still love the winters here, the hints of spring that crop up just when the days seemed darkest and shortest.

There's a green vibrant world on the way, and it wakes up inside of me new dreams, lively ideas, and brighter days.

P.S. — Not long after writing this, the rain returned to Eugene. I put a hat on my head and rain jacket on my dog, and went for a walk. I'm still content.

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  1. You know, some of us crazy Druids mark Imbolc (Feb. 2) as the First Day of Spring. In our bio-region that usually feels about right. Peas can be planted, there are a few small flowers, but most importantly there is That Feel In The Air.
    I know what you mean. It makes me yearn to eat chickweed.


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