Eugene Saturday Summer Preview

Potatoes newly planted in our old pellet bags — come harvest time, this makes them really easy to retrieve.

Saturday was warmth and sunshine on my back while my wife and I planted potatoes in the backyard.

Saturday was admiring how far our yard and garden space have come.

Saturday was sitting in the sun outside Oakshire Brewing, eating a delicious Devour Eugene bratwurst. Then we tasted some damn fine beer (Belgian rye and red, by the way — get them while they last).

Then Saturday was a long nap, leaving the windows open until the evening, and not bothering with the wood stove.

Sunday was rain, sweaters, and big warm fires. Oh well. The sun and warmth were good while they lasted.

Spring is here, summer is near. I'll hold Saturday close was winter fades, as these warm, bright days go from a preview of days to come, to days as they are.

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