Oakshire Brewing Release: Spring Seasonal O’Dark:30 Cascadian Dark Ale

Oakshire Brewing is one of my favorite breweries. To see them hopping on a new style of beer is sweet beyond description, and I can't wait to try some O'Dark:30!

The word from the brewery

Oakshire Brewing Company of Eugene, Oregon will release their newest Seasonal Beer, O’Dark:30, a Cascadian Dark Ale, Friday, March 5.

Black IPA – Cascadian Dark Ale

This Spring Seasonal is of a style that has been known as a Black IPA for both it’s color and significant hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. However, the style is now being called Cascadian Dark Ale, paying respect to the pioneering brewers in the Northwest and solving a contradiction between the words Black and Pale in the Black India Pale Ale style name.

“The challenge with designing a beer like this is balance,” explains Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk. “The challenge is creating a black color with only a hint of roast and chocolate flavors while still letting the Pacific Northwest hops shine through. We think we’ve come up with something that all beer fans will enjoy.”

And what of the unique name? “O'Dark:30 is that time of morning that is so early and so dark that the actual time is irrelevant" According to Jeff Althouse, Founder of Oakshire brewing, “It's a unique and fun name that honors the many brewers, including ours, who often wake up early to start the brew day."

O’Dark:30 (6.3%abv, 70 IBUs)will be available throughout Oregon in both draft and 22 oz bottles. Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk will be on hand at The Beer Stein Wednesday, March 10 from 6-8pm to give patrons a sample of their new beer. They will also be in Portland on Friday, March 12th at 5PM at The Eastburn and Monday, March 15th at Belmont Station to debut this beer. O’Dark:30 will also be featured at the Spring Beer and Wine Festival on April 1st and 2nd in Portland.

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