Month: April 2010

I Want to Buy Terry Pratchett a Beer

Or, Riches vs. Fame, Fame vs. Repute, Repute vs. Riches As you see, my riches, fame or repute will never be based on my skills at drawing or photography. What would you rather have — riches or fame? It's a neat question, an old question. Personally, if it's between the two I'll take riches (more … Read More

Cookbook Review: Eating Close to Home

Helpful guide for anyone trying to eat seasonally and regionally (but especially Northwesterners) Title: Eating Close to Home, A Guide to Local Seasonal Sustenance in the Pacific Northwest When you live in Oregon's Willamette Valley, good, locally/regionally produced food is so easy to come by you almost feel like you're cheating. As for eating seasonally, … Read More

Homebrewing: 2010 Jubilation Chocolate Porter

Chocolate Porter Homebrew Now that's what I like in a woman! Every year since 2007, I've brewed Jodie a batch of beer for her birthday. The style is up to her, and we've brewed Belgian witbier (2007) oatmeal stout (2008), and a Magic Hat #9 clone (2009). My wife has excellent taste. This year's choice … Read More

There Is No Muse: Writers, Inspiration and Process

I'll never be confused with Hugh Macleod, but in case you're wondering, his much better cartoons-on-the-backs-of-business-cards are over here. Some writers say success has something to do with inspiration. I say, screw inspiration — success is about process. What follows is me ass-kicking myself to do a better job of remembering that. The flaw People … Read More

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