Coming Soon: A Better Eugene?

Recent sighting: One of my favorite things to see in Eugene: In-progress New Dawn Bakery/Deli, spotted between Broadway and the Park Blocks, near Wells Fargo and Adam's Sustainable Table Bakery. Breweries. Food carts. Voodoo Donuts. And this is just the food. Eugene, are we getting more accommodating of small business ventures? Lately, micro-businesses in Eugene … Read more

Pecha Kucha: Badass, Creative Presentations Raiding Eugene’s The Davis May 20

(Oh yeah, and I'm one of the presenters.) 3rd Pecha Kucha Night Eugene: 6 presenters, 20 slides, 7 minutes, and lots of booze If you're like me, you've never heard of Pecha Kucha either. You also have no idea how to pronounce it. Yet you find yourself irresistibly intrigued and must find out more. You … Read more

Homebrewing: Ella Puppy Red Ale (EPR) 2010

July 1, 2007, turned out to be more than just an ordinary brew day. It was also the day my wife and I brought home our dog, Ella. An early shot of the ever-puppyish Ella, from summer 2007. We'd been planning to brew a red ale. Red ales, often associated with some Irish ales, get … Read more

Clips: Sunset Magazine, May 2010, The Hunt for the Best Burrito

Sunset Magazine's May 2010 issue included an awesome piece by Jan Newberry on "The hunt for the best burrito". Readers all over the West sent in their suggestions, and my recommendation, Eugene's Lonches to Go, was one of the places published in the piece: The Hunt for the Best Burrito by Jan Newberry (Sunset, May, … Read more

Write Your Obituary

While watching TED Talks the other night, Roz "I row across oceans" Savage rocked my mind: "To try and answer that question of what am I supposed to be doing with my life?, I sat down one day and wrote two versions of my own obituary, the one that I wanted, a life of adventure, … Read more