Coming Soon: A Better Eugene?

Recent sighting: One of my favorite things to see in Eugene:

In-progress New Dawn Bakery/Deli, spotted between Broadway and the Park Blocks, near Wells Fargo and Adam's Sustainable Table

Bakery. Breweries. Food carts. Voodoo Donuts. And this is just the food. Eugene, are we getting more accommodating of small business ventures? Lately, micro-businesses in Eugene seem to be popping up like mushrooms after a good rain.

The headlines scream gloom and doom, end of the economy, no work anywhere, yadda yadda yadda. Eugene — Oregon — the Pacific Northwest — the world — we've got problems. There are always problems.

I say, screw the news. I'm going to go with my eyes.

And my eyes keep seeing new wee ventures around. With every new cart or shop, every new firm or creative enterprise, Eugene is giving the finger to headlines. We're finding our own way.

Door by door, person by person, idea by idea.

Coming soon: a better Eugene?

I hope so.

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