Month: June 2010

Summer Food and The Changing Palate

Sunshine, you make me want berries. And salad. And grilled meat. This far-too-wet, far-too-gray spring finally brightens into a nascent summer. I'm sure that, like me, you Dear Reader are feeling the palate shift, feeling a hunger, a need, for comfort, sustenance, and conviviality that comes only from summer food. The sky clears and the … Read More

Blog Update: Coming Soon

  Working on/Coming soon Food & Drink: Brown Ale homebrew (a little bit of Newcastle Brown Ale, a little bit of Rogue Nut Brown Ale) Writing: Typing All the Damn Notebooks Food & Drink: Cookbook review Eugene/Northwest: Summer activities and goings-on. The occasional appearance of an odd yellow-orange disc in the sky? Please comment, tweet … Read More

Seeing Rain, Thinking Summer

Local waterfowl have now been rained on so much, they're dissolving. If the rain ever stops, it just might become summer here. Eugene has wet winters, we all know that. And spring is fickle, temperamental — but this spring has been a damp, chilly monsoon. Rain does not fall, it attacks. The world is green, … Read More

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