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Almost despite itself, by degrees Eugene is warming to summer. The rain fades — or at least skips a day.

We must look ahead, though. We must get out the summer clothes, tuck away the bulky winter wear — leaving an obligatory fleece nearby, of course.

And we must allow ourselves to surrender to the bliss of a Eugene summer. Festivals. Outdoor cafe seats. Concerts. Camping. Romping outside, with squelchy mud now just a memory (or something to look forward to in a few months).

What to do? How will you make the most of this glorious time of year?

Here are a few ideas, and some links to inspire you more:

I won't even pretend that this list is comprehensive. It's just a start.

The joy of Eugene summer

As for me and my wife, we will revel. Last summer we were in the end days of wedding planning. This year, we have no such pressing responsibilities.

For us, this summer will be all about raucous outdoor dinners with friends, camping and more camping, breakfasts on our patio, and in general glorying in wearing only one layer of clothing.

There are few things I love so much as I love a Eugene summer. It's even part of why I appreciate, even have affection for, the fall and winter. The gray, cool and wet days give me calm, reflective pause. When June comes and the last rains fade, I am ready for brightness and activity, ready to glory in the sun.

Eugene's summer is the finest I've ever known, and with gusto I continue to make it mine. Perhaps some other place in this world has something better; I know not and care less.

The sunlight of my adopted home is shining in me now, and it is time to revel in the days of warmth and brightness.

Shall we celebrate together?

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  1. The Willamette Brews and Blues Festival turned out even better in 2010 than in 2009. We went on Friday evening and thought the beer was delicious and most of the bands deliciouser. We especially liked a band called Strange Tones (never heard of them before, but will look them up online now).
    Also checked out the Whiteaker Block Party last night. Sorta “meh”…just a bunch of hippie types wandering around being seen and pretending not to care. The line to get into Ninkasi was way too long for me, so we finally gave up and went to Chao Praya for Thai food.


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